Winter is coming so it’s the perfect time to wear our comfy and warm clothes, especially this year with the return of fur. We saw it in all of the runways. It’s been used in coats (like the vibrant purple one by Preen), skirts, socks, handbags, slippers and much more. Brands like Prada and Shrimps brought it back fierce and colourfully. Cheaper high street brands such as H&M, Top Shop, New Look, ASOS and Primark also filled their stores with the furry clothing trend. Prices range from £5 for simple accessories to £400 for fluffy coats!   

There has always been a debate around the fashion community regarding the use of real fur. It is most commonly used by expensive brands like Fendi, Louis Vuitton and Chanel. However, we are facing a turning point, taking, for example, Gucci who are going fur-free in their upcoming collections, as they have now become part of the Fur-Free Alliance. Fashion lovers all around the world are curious about which brand will be next. Opinions on this subject are still deeply divided. Some couture designers continue to defend the use of real fur calling it an industry, while others believe it is barbaric and outdated.   

Students seem to be very keen on wearing fur. In the street interviews conducted in the Campus Centre at DMU, most people admitted to owning, for example, coats, jackets with fur hoods, sweaters, scarves and accessories. Interestingly, every person interviewed pointed that they only wear faux fur, as they don’t agree with the use of real fur for fashion purposes. To most people, a person who wears fur is seen as fashionable, confident, someone who likes to experiment and have fun with clothes.   

But what about you? Are you going to embrace this trend and make your days a little fluffier and warmer?