Have you thought about how your clothes and beauty products are made or where they come from?

In 2019, people are becoming more aware of what is put in and on their bodies as they aim for a better and healthier life. The rise of the cruelty-free campaign was followed by fair trade and sustainability concerns when consuming.

Meghan Markle said at the British Fashion Awards that ‘it’s cool to be kind’ and this year will be the proof of it. A few high street brands have supported this movement of becoming greener and more aware that fast fashion is damaging the planet.

Therefore, I decided to investigate and create a list of brands who support this cause.

Ararose (£ – ££):

If you are on a budget, then this brand is perfect for you. Not only is it conscious but also affordable. Their motto is ‘Where fashion becomes human, women become empowered. Our natural state is our greatest, let’s embrace who we are’. By buying products from this brand you are investing in quality pieces produced on a small scale which, as they mention in their website, ‘reduces the intense pressure on workers to quickly produce items on mass that will shortly be considered last season.’ Their last collection contains lots of feminine slogan t-shirts aimed to ‘promote conversation about remembering that true beauty shines from within’.

BITE (£££):

This is a luxury sustainable womenswear brand where each piece is handcrafted and designed by an aesthetic which is sculpted to the perfect fit. The clothes have a modern and powerful feel to them, consisting of a lot of blazers and fitted trousers. This is a great example of an ethical brand as they make sure that everyone working within their production process receives a good living wage and that their material sourcing does not damage the ecosystem.

Armed Angels (£ – ££):

Unlike the previous brands, Armed Angles cater to men and women. The range of styles is also a bit broader as they explore different patterns, cuts and colours. In their most recent collection denim prevails, but not the one we are used to. Most denim is a ‘dirty’ product as it requires lots of chemicals and creates plenty of pollution during production. So this brand decided to change that. They are currently using organic cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This means that no toxic chemicals are used and that the jeans are produced in a water-saving manner. ‘We love beautiful products, we think organic and we believe fairness is never out of fashion.’

Beaumont Organic (££):

Are into oversized clothing? If so, this brand is for you. Beaumont Organic is a British online brand based is a Manchester. They sell only sustainable and ethical clothing. Their products transmit a very minimalist aesthetic that a lot of us look for when shopping for clothes. In terms of colours, their clothing palettes consist of pastel, cream and beige shades with a hint of dark greens and blues. In terms of production, they have a factory in Portugal which is family-run and where they operate with good working conditions and are paid fair wages. Even when transporting the goods to the UK they are conscious of the environment, doing it by road to minimise environmental impact caused by emissions. Apart from this, they value production in the UK as smaller distances mean lower carbon emissions and, at the same time, they are supporting local businesses, from packaging suppliers to seamstresses.