This morning, like so often, I didn’t get the chance to finish my coffee because I was rushing to get the bus. I was late again. I ran past an old woman sitting on a bench. She had a calm feeling on her face. Peace – something I haven’t felt in a while and probably won’t be able to due to my new job. As I was sitting on the bus, I glanced out of the window to take a last peek at the old woman. My heart was racing and that wasn’t because of the running, I had that odd feeling again and I knew it wouldn’t go away. My hands were shaking, there was a weight on my chest. Why do I feel this way? How can I make it stop?

Anxiety can affect anyone and it has many different symptoms. You can feel uneasy or stressed without having a specific reason, as well as experience sweating and body shivering, to name a few. Due to the variety of symptoms, sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between anxiety and what is called anxiety disorder. According to the Mental Health Foundation in the U.K, there are 8.2 million people suffering from anxiety and women are almost twice as likely to be diagnosed.

At university, students and teachers are also affected by anxiety. This can be due to the fact that there are many deadlines to meet. Students try to manage the stress of exams and the many assignments that need to be done in such a small period of time. Teachers have many courses and students that they need to spend all their energy on. So as a result, students and teachers may not be able to take care of their mental health.

So, for anyone who reads this, speak up! Don’t let fear or anxiety rule your life. Take care of your mental health and help those you can.