Social media is a collection of powerful tools that have incredibly expanded and enriched the ways people interact and communicate with each other. Nowadays, keeping in touch with old friends and seeing how their lives are going is much easier than it was ten years ago. Despite this, one question arises, ‘Is it the same as a personal relationship?’ The answer, fortunately or not, is no! There are a lot of factors that make a personal relationship different from a virtual one and one of the most important elements is the lack of direct contact between people in the online environment. This has thousands of implications, starting from the fact that people on their social media could be different than in their real life. People choose what to show and what to hide so through our phone screen the only thing we can do is trust what we see. Personally, I don’t like to share every single moment of my life and mostly what I post is related to the happier events or memories and I believe that most of the people do the same. To prove this, you can simply open your Instagram or Facebook and you’ll see all the amazing landscapes, stunning sunsets, long-lasting friendships and love. Is this their real lives? I don’t think. What I want to say is that this is just a part of the whole, and although they don’t intend to be fake, it can confuse and influence who is watching.

Also worth mentioning that on my social media I only share 10% of my life. It’s an authentic part, but we can’t pretend to know people just from what they share.