It has been a few weeks since I came to the UK and I am gradually getting used to life here. During the first 2 weeks, I had a strong feeling that studying abroad is going to be full of both hardness and happiness. When I was living with my parents, I didn’t need to ‘take care of myself’ because they helped me arrange almost everything in my life. But living in the UK, I need to not only study but also live an adult life. I have to cook, wash clothes, open a bank account – all by myself! So far my biggest challenge has been the language. Although I can communicate with native speakers, I cannot fully understand all that they say. I’m a little worried about whether I will be able to follow the teacher during lectures. But one thing I must mention is that the people here are really nice, whether it is classmates, teammates, tutors or university staff. When I can’t understand them, they always try to explain it to me patiently.

Even though most international students will probably encounter some problems, studying at DMU is a really positive experience. I have joined many student societies and I have partaken in the student’s union freshers’ activities. I met many new friends and every day here I feel a bigger sense of fulfilment. I know that I will encounter a lot in the next 2 years at DMU, but I will try my best to overcome challenges with an optimistic attitude. This period of studying abroad will be one of the best memories of my life. I will seize every opportunity to experience different things.