Social media takes a number of forms as well as being constantly around us. It is avoidable only to an extent. However, a constant division of opinions is always prominent in this subject. One argument is that people will only post what they would like their audience to see, whether it is to show their friends or because they’re proud of the photo they’ve captured. No one will post the regular part of their lives or a selfie of them crying. Only going by what they see, the audience would judge that person’s life based on their photos, forgetting that social media can be seen as a façade (such as editing photos) or escapism from reality. On the other hand, people project a part of them on social media through selfies, captions or written posts. An audience would be able to gain an insight into someone’s personality through their posts as they may be fairly similar. Employers also view someone’s social media profile to help them to decide whether to offer someone a job or not. This shows that some employers could believe that people are the same on social media as they are in real life. In reality, people could project a part of themselves on social media that they show in real life however, on these platforms, it is usually the positive side of their lives that is being shown.