Music taste is probably one of the top things we all consider unique about ourselves. I know I have always regarded my music taste as my greatest attribute. We may think we have built up our mental portfolio of artists and genres that we hold true to us all alone, however, it had to start somewhere. This development is a different journey for different people. It may very well be that one song you secretly Shazamed at your mate’s pre-drinks has now opened your mind to a completely new style of music. And the funny thing is that you will spend the next year getting really into it (but never letting your mate know that – ‘what are you on about I’ve always listened to this?’) Or, if you’re like me, you found your music taste when you were a kid, influenced by a family member and it is so instilled that when your friends try to argue their music is better, you’re having none of it. Now, you’re actually the annoying stubborn one that takes control of the aux cord at pre-drinks or strolls up to the DJ in the club twenty times demanding that they play your requests. They may as well just leave the deck to you.

Maybe you’re the same, and you have a certain genre that means so much to you that you are adamant that all other genres suck (death to all but metal). However, in all seriousness, if you are a music fanatic, you know a good song when you hear one, no matter the genre. So I have to admit, sometimes my friends have introduced a song or artist to me that is not my style at all, but I listen and I still get it. Personally, that doesn’t mean they’re now behind the steering wheel in the heavy, unmoving vehicle that is my music taste. They won’t even get off the drive. But that’s just little old stubborn me. Perhaps you willingly give your friends the car keys every time you see them, which is still cool too. That’s the great thing about music, there is so much of it out there in so many different styles. There is something out there for everyone. So be open and willing to change styles or be passionate and dedicated to one genre that becomes your identity. But for the love of god, don’t listen to country.