Written by Paige Nicole Maltby

Animal Crossing has been my favourite game series for a long time. I remember playing Wild World into the early hours of the morning, dragging furniture around and believing that I was an incredible interior designer. This continued with New Leaf, Happy Home Designer, and Pocket Camp

From this, you can only imagine the excitement that I was possessed with knowing that Animal Crossing was coming to the Nintendo Switch. Too excited, some may say, as I pre-ordered New Horizons before even owning a Switch, partly due to the pre-order merchandise available (which is also available if you pre-ordered the game or the Switch from the Nintendo store). 

To express my excitement in the healthiest way possible, I’m going to breakdown some of the fresh new things to expect. 

The main thing which sets New Horizons apart is that it is set on a deserted island rather than an already somewhat populated village. This gives players more space for creativity when beginning their new life, as they are really starting from scratch and have to build a society from the ground up. 

This is quite literal, as multiple new features include crafting and building, ranging from furniture to terrain. The furniture and items you are able to craft can be placed outside, which is exciting in comparison to previous games, where public work projects were the only way to decorate with items outside. These were rather limited, and certain projects had to be requested from particular villager types before even being able to build them. However, with the ability to place whatever you please around your island, there is unlimited potential to have your surroundings fit your vision whilst feeling accurate to how spaces work in real life. 

Being able to construct the terrain of your island is something completely fresh and new, with the ability to customise paths, cliffs, natural water formations, and even stairs and slopes. This is very exciting, as being able to personalise the landscape is something that I personally have wished to be able to do for a long time, along with choosing the placement of your villagers’ homes. This issue has plagued the Animal Crossing community for years, with new villagers plotting their new homes with NO regards for the flower patch which you have slaved over (Drago, I’m looking at you). With the ability to place villagers’ homes yourself, this stress will be removed from the game, and give space for you to create the most aesthetically pleasing island of your dreams. 

There are multiple other new features which will add something fresh to the gameplay, including character design, a multiplayer mode, new characters and villagers, consequences to “dangerous” creature encounters, and even new ways of navigating the outside space, such as with a pole vault and ladders. Hopefully reading about all of the new features coming to New Horizons has made you just as excited as I am!