Written by John Perry

Last summer we were treated to the third season of the blockbuster retro series, Stranger Things. It premiered with glowing reviews and continued the story of Eleven and the gang of awkward geeks we have come to love. 

However, if you haven’t seen the latest season of the 80’s show, I wouldn’t read any further as we’re about to head into major spoilers with the trailer for season 4 that was revealed recently.

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Season 3 promo

The trailer is only a sneak peek at under a minute long, but it confirms what fans have been hoping to be true for over 6 months… Hopper is ALIVE!

Yes, our favourite grumpy sheriff seems to have survived his explosive ‘death’ at the end of season 3 and somehow made his way to Russia. This was hinted at the end of the last season’s post-credit scene, about an ‘American’ in a cell, but nothing more.

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Hopper’s fate in the final episode.

The trailer begins with a long panning shot of what seems like a Russian labour camp working on a railroad, we see the army treating people like slaves in a snowy environment. The camera zooms along the track, making sure we pay close attention to each individual, before finally…

Hopper is revealed but he doesn’t quite look like how we remember him. All we have right now are theories until it premiers later this year, but that won’t stop fans speculating online for the coming months about wild ideas of season 4.

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Hopper in season 4

Has he lost his memory? Is he undercover? How did he even survive, or get there? 

We don’t know and we won’t just yet, but it’s fair to say fans are happy and very excited to see what else is going to happen this year in Stranger Things.