Here is the third specific body shape article exploring how to dress if you fit the body shape category; Rectangle. When going out shopping and purchasing new clothes you want to know that what you are wearing will flatter and enhance your given body shape, right? Then knowing what body shape you are is vital, to make sure you buy the correct clothes to fit your body and enhance your silhouette.


Out of all the body shapes the lean column and rectangle categories are the hardest to distinguish from one another. However one feature which may put women into the rectangle category rather than the lean column is those who are perhaps not as slim and have more of a solid square frame. To also help distinguish if you fall into the rectangle category rather than the lean column category answer the following:

  1. Do you have a small to average bust?
  2. Have little waist definition?
  3. Wear the same size for both your top and bottom half?
  4. Do you have flat hips and bottom?

By having more of a solid square frame and flat hips and bottom (two main features of a rectangle body shape) means that your body is more defined especially in the bust area than those women who fit into the lean column category.  If you have already read the lean column article then you may spot a few similarities, due to the fact that apart from a few difference the two body shapes are quite the same.


Similar to lean columns, with your top half you need to create the illusion of a fuller bust and waist. One way to do this is to keep your silhouette uncluttered, so avoid too many layers and bulky jewellery.  Keep what you wear on your top half simple and minimalistic by choosing lower/wider necklines, draped tops, and loose fit, ¾ and capped sleeves. For jackets opt for structure around your waist and necklines, to make your waist more defined, whilst also balancing out your square frame around your shoulder area.

Topshop cami H&M top RI pencil dress


Like your top half, you want to choose items which help give the impression that you have a fuller waist and a rounder bottom. A-line skirts in particular will help proportion your lower off, whilst creating the sense of curves around your hip area. ASOS in particular are showcasing a variety of different shaped skirts including the A-line, at great, affordable prices. When it comes to jeans slim and bootcut jeans with a slight flare will help add the curvy effect; proportioning your body better.  Similar to Lean columns, embellishments and belts (not high waisted) will also give the impression of a more defined waist and bottom. Patterned leggings and jeggings are also great to draw attention to your legs and waist area. With trousers, you can be experimental with the fit and style. However a must is to avoid high waisted trousers which will crop you at the waist, disproportioning your body.

Blue A-line skirt RI jeans MONKI legigngs


Where I suggested bulkier jewellery like bangles and enamel chunky necklace for lean columns, for rectangles you want to go for the opposite. Due to having a solider frame around your shoulder area you want to open up your neckline, and what other way to do it than with necklaces?  Long necklaces will help draw the aesthetic to your bust area where round/ droopy chains will draw the attention closer to your neckline rather than to your shoulders.  For bags opt for curvy styles like satchels, medium sized clutches or even barrel bags.  And finally shoes. Instead of opting for square toed shoes such as ballet and UGG boots, go for either pointed, oval or round.

H&M necklace Topshop bag RI SHOES


Key tips when dressing for the Rectangle body shape:

–          Go for clothes which will draw you in at the waist and accentuate your hips and bottom.

–          Keep your overall silhouette uncluttered

–          Straight lined tops, dresses, jeans, trousers etc. Basically anything straight lined.

Final note:

A few months ago when being dragged into Primark by one of my many girlfriends, I came across something very peculiar (even for Primark’s standards). It was an array of buttock shaped underwear which was padded to help give women who may have little much of a bottom, similar to that of the women who fall under the rectangle category.  So one way girls, to help give the impression of a perkier bottom is to invest in some padded buttocks of your own.

Padded bottom