Looking good = Feeling good. Bringing fashion to the gym can help any gent to stay motivated and confident when working out. Whether you’re an avid gym goer or still not fulfilling that New Year’s resolution, you’ll find a few helpful pointers in this article on how a gent should dress for the gym.

Firstly underwear. The king of underwear is Calvin Klein who in his underwear offers decent support as well as style whilst exercising. TK Maxx also offers discounted designer underwear such as Alexander McQueen, D&G and Calvin Klein to name a few. If you’re not a fan of designer underwear, you can pick from nearly all high street retailers for a comfy pair of boxers/briefs. I personally like my underwear discreet so it doesn’t detract from my other garments. Whatever your view on underwear, it’s important to remember when shopping that they must be supportive, thus being practical for exercise.

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When you work out, you sweat. You should sweat in your socks and not your shoes. It’s important to wear socks to the gym to minimise the risk of blisters when rubbing against the shoe during an exercise such as cardio.  Discreet trainer socks do it for me, but long socks can look good too, especially with shorts.

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It is imperative not to underestimate footwear. A good pair of trainer can minimise injury and allow you to exercise for longer at greater ease. If you’re a serious runner, it might be a good idea to visit a specialist running shop that will be able to fit you accordingly. However if you’re an armature to the cardio world then a pair of basic trainers should suffice. Now, I haven’t shield away from expressing my loathing of the conventional sports trainer in previous articles, which is why I’d like to highlight that Nike offer more personalised running trainers for those who prefer a more unique style.

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When it comes to working your upper body, keep it simple and to one layer. Restricted air to and from the pores on your skin can lead to spots and chafing. Popular gym choices include loose fitting t-shirts or vests. The more air you can have flowing though the garment freely, the easier it is for your skin to breathe. Aim for very dark colours or whites when making choices with the upper body as very dark colours and whites will help to disguise sweat. Light to mid colours will show off sweat more. Greys looks great for lower body and a second layer, but will show up sweat easily on a tee or vest. Blacks can complement a larger figure so aim for this if you’re self-conscious about your weight.

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In terms of lower body, joggers are probably the most popular and versatile for when you leave the gym. From Topman to Dior you’ll find something to suit your budget. Trends seen in jeans and trousers also follow through with joggers. Take for example Topman’s carrot fit trackies.

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If endeavouring an exercise with more sweat involved, obviously you’re better off going with shorts. Similarly to the upper body, you want to go loose and free. The shorter the shorts, the arguably more daring your look becomes. Especially when combined with a long pair of American Apparel socks. If shortness isn’t your thing, jersey shorts offer a longer length, looser fit and still look practical. Sports brands like Adidas and Nike offer a range of products aimed at exercise practicality first and foremost.

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Finally I must insist on saying that investing in a decent gym bag, can save you from social suicide when you turn up to the gym with your gear in a Tesco carrier bag. Check out those high street retailers and sports specialists for plenty of good offers.

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It is most important to enjoy being yourself in the gym. If you feel great and work out hard you’ll soon see amazing results. Keep it basic and let your individual style come into what you wear.