I’m a big fan of Soap & Glory products generally. I love the smell, the tongue in cheek branding and the retro packaging. Until about a year ago I wasn’t aware that Soap & Glory had a skincare or cosmetics range. So, I’ve been gradually buying products from their other ranges to test and the most recent one on my list was Soap & Glory’s Glow Job.

Glow Job is supposed to be an instant self tanning and moisturising cream with built in MICRO BRONZEBURST beads. It also promises to give skin a natural, healthy glow and to improve skin’s elasticity.


The first thing that struck me about the product was that it had this incredible smell. Secondly, I noticed that due to the MICRO BRONZEBURSTbeads the cream was quite gritty. I recommend mixing it on your hand and ‘popping’ the beads before you put it on your face to avoid bits of grit sticking to your make-up. Once I had applied it to my face I was pleased to discover it did give an instant tan effect that wasn’t streaky and didn’t have a horrible smell. As for the glow-enhancing aspect of the cream I was disappointed to discover it was a little too subtle. I had expected it to make my skin quite dewy, but once I’d applied my foundation on top it was barely visible.

I really liked the product but was disappointed with the virtually non-existent glow effect. I’d say that this is a good product for those of you who are pale or fair skinned and want a quick and natural tan as it washed off really easily and was non-streaky. I’d like to give the product 5/5 because it is perfect for an instant, natural tan effect. However, without the promised glow I’d have to knock off a star and give it a 4/5. The product is available to buy from most Boots stores and retails at £11.00