Layered Dress – £18.90, YesStyle.co.uk

Sequinned Dress -£20, Boohoo.com

Coat – £565, Concept Seasons

Boots – £69, John Lewis

Necklace – £11, Forever21

Lipstick – £15.50, Mac Cosmetics


Changing up your style can always seem a bit of a risk, but it doesn’t have to be. There are thousands of outfit ideas that you haven’t even uncovered yet, and they may be the ones for you. So let’s delve straight in at some the latest fashion trends that you can try out for the new year.

Dresses are definitely a good place to start when trying to figure out what your new style could be. Maybe you fancy adding more layers to your dress outfit by wearing a shirt underneath. You may think that you will look like a teenage high school student, but with the right accessories of a small pair of heels and a beautiful plain duster jacket, you will look more high fashion in no time.

If you don’t fancy layering up then why not go for something more bold with patterns or sequins. Especially round the festive and celebration periods, we find sequinned dresses keep crawling back into our favourite high street shops every year, so why not take the plunge and buy one. Even though this is more of an occasional wear piece, it will be worth it to see how the outfit will make you stand out from the crowd for the best possible reasons.

Knee high boots are definitely on my New Years list of things to buy, so let me tell you why. Not only will they keep your warm in this unpredictable British weather, but they are stylish and something a little more comfortable to walk to lectures in than ankle boots. You may think that knee high boots can be a bit of a risk and could look ‘too sexy’ if worn in the wrong way, but, if you want to wear them with a short skirt or shorts then the top tip is to pair this with and oversized slouchy shirt, jumper, or cardigan to tame that outfit down a bit.

Patterned clothing can seem a bit daring for some people, but if you do like to keep your outfits plain and simple, then why not take your pattern to the outside on a coat or jacket. This will bring a bolder statement to your look, showing people how fun and exciting you could be, whilst feeling comfortable in what you are wearing underneath.

Breaking out of your comfort zone doesn’t have to be with in the clothes you wear, but you should also consider your beauty products and accessories. Like me, there are a lot of you that wear the same necklace everyday and never change, so what if you bring a statement necklace into the mix. You will still be able to wear your favourite necklace everyday, but whenever you are going out for the night with friends or any occasion with the family, you can wear this necklace to claim that bold statement piece. Similarly, why not try the same technique with your lipstick colour. Taking the plunge into those plum and berry shades can seem a bit daunting for most of us, especially if you have worn the same looks for years. So why not try it out in front of your closest family and friends first, see what they think and then once you have the new colour for you, you will feel much more confident in what you wear.

So what new style are you going to try out in 2016? Show us @demonmedia.