Catalyst Week

Hello, music fans! And hello 2014!

Wasn’t 2013 a great year? We had the new royal baby Prince George arriving on the scene, along with rest of the year’s goings on. In all seriousness, 2013 saw some amazing new music being released and, by the looks of things, 2014 is set to be even better! Imagine if they named the royal baby after a rapper: Prince Tinchy, Prince Fazer, Prince 2 Chainz – what a place the world could be.

So after a short break for the festive holidays, my email was bursting with new music itching for some air time. Of all the tunes I was sent, this week’s Cata-list showcases the best new music and the artists that you should be looking out for across the next year.

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Tom & the Catalyst team 🙂

1. Nina Baker – ‘Single Bed’

Nina Baker has one of the sweetest voices we’ve heard in a long time, and this lovely little song is simply about getting by. Also, look at that video; it brings a whole new meaning to the phrase pillow talk! This sugary songstress is definitely going to be stuck in the spotlight as the year, so make sure you jump on board early.

2. Deer Tick – ‘Just Friends’

From the off, this song reminds me a little of Randy Newman’s ‘You’ve Got A Friend In Me,’ but it couldn’t be more different! ‘Just Friends’ has a very simple yet strong structure that makes for the perfect soundtrack song to any post-confrontation scene.

3. Breathe Carolina – ‘Savages’

Typically I’m not a fan of dance music, because I feel that it is unoriginal and uninspired – but that’s down to Will.I.Am ruining the scene. I’ll never understand why people give him the opportunity to infest music with his poorly produced, really uninspired lyrics, when there are songs like ‘Savages’ that are genuinely clever and have some weight behind them! Support real music!

4. Plug In Stereo – ‘To Be Wanted (feat. Megan & Liz)’

I feel like I shouldn’t like this song, but I absolutely adore it – even if listening to it has given me diabetes. Just to make this song even sweeter, Plug In Stereo bring in pop newcomers Megan & Liz to inject some more sugar & honey into it. If you like your pop music, look no further!

5. Falling In Reverse – ‘Bad Girls Club’

I try not to listen to artists that I wouldn’t wanna be friends, and Falling In Reverse’s lead singer Ronnie Radke is one of those people. However, this song is seriously infectious even though, at times, the synth can be a bit much. This song falls into any genre but post-hardcore which, surprisingly, the band started it out in. Give it a listen – it’s like marmite.

6. We The Wild – ‘Body Electric (Blue)’

Anthony West has been in more bands than you can shake a stick at, but all of them seem to split up just as they’re on the brink of making it. His latest venture We The Wild is by far my favourite of his, and I hope that they will stick around for a while longer than the others!

7. Blitz Kids – ‘Sometimes’

The chant at the end of ‘Sometimes’ sounds a lot like ‘Scotty Doesn’t Know’ from Eurotrip, which instantly makes this song worth listening to. Blitz Kids have been around for a while, but it looks like they’re finally on their way up.

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