Fashion cannot progress without a key ingredient, you. It’s good to try out new looks and experiment with the clothes you have but it’s also good practice to try out potential trends to see what works and what doesn’t. If it doesn’t work, the least you’ll have lost is a slight bit of dignity (depending on your chosen garment).  If it does work, you’ll have the inside scoop on what will soon become a mainstream trend, and there’s nothing more satisfying than becoming a ‘trendsetter’. To set the scene for 2014, here are a few trends to test this year.

Let’s start off with some formal wear. Pinstripes have gradually managed to shake off their traditional banker/mob boss look and now offer a way for you as a gent to stand out from the rest of the formal crowd, in this case subtlety is more. Great for formal work/office wear, this one’s a keeper.

look book 1

One of the main things that makes pinstripes more accessible to the average gent (and shed the banker label) is the introduction of the long sleeved polo. Matching a polo shirt with a pinstripe suit leads to more of a casual look whilst maintaining a sharp office feel. Let’s be honest, everyone loves a bit of smart casual now and then. However if you’re like myself and tend to make more of a statement with your clothes then why not check out checked tailoring? Check suits are also set to be another sharp trend for formal wear this year.

suit 1 polo

Now, you probably won’t be monumentally shocked to hear that stripes are set to be another big trend this year. They rarely ever go out of fashion. I bet you have at least something in your wardrobe right now that possesses some form of stripe. What’s different this season is designer’s use of blocked rather than fine striping. The stripes are bigger and louder than before, making more of a statement while looking extremely stylish and casual.

lookbook 3

You could try mixing a blocked striped top with a pink pair of jeans. I say this because it so happens that pink is another trend for this year.  Yes that’s right folks, pink is back. But this isn’t just any old shade of pink. Oh no, it is all the different types of pink you can think of. All you need is one shade of pink of your choice to integrate into your wardrobe. You can go as bold or as subtle as you like depending on how you like the colour pink. Have a look at the pieces below and see how they’ve been combined to create a warm look for this up and coming spring and summer.

lookbook 12

A final trend for 2014 is camouflage, which I personally think has been trying to break out for a good couple of years now. You can easily neutralise the camo print slightly with a grey crew neck jumper worn over the fully buttoned-up shirt. Pair with some slim dark denim and retro-style runners for an on trend weekend outfit, ideal for a casual night out.


camo jumper skinny jeans

Will you be testing out these trends this year? Fashion is all about trial and error. It is unlikely you’ll make the same mistake twice. Experiment, mix and match and try out new trends, otherwise how will fashion evolve without you?