The Comedy Committee aren’t the overlords of humour, just the committee of DMU’s Comedy Society.

James Porritt is chairman.

Our beloved leader, James.

Our beloved leader, James.

How long have you been in DMU Comedy Society?

I have been in the Comedy Society for 2 years now.

Why did you join?

I honestly think I joined on the whim that I thought that I’m sometimes funny and I might be good at stand up.

Who is /are your favourite comedian(s)?

I have a lot of favourites, a few are Simon Amstell, Kathy Griffin, Dylan Moran, Joe Lycett, Dianne Spencer and recently Rhys Nicholson.

How would you describe DMU Comedy Society?

The comedy society is obviously a place for aspiring comedians to practice their own brand of comedy in a comfortable environment, but its most important function is probably that it helps people to just meet other people that have a similar interest in comedy with no pressure of actually performing.

What was your favourite Comedy Society moment?

My favourite comedy society moment is simply just hanging out with all my friends at the pub every Wednesday at time that specifies 8.30 PM but we all still get there half an hour late.

Why should Freshers join DMU Comedy Society?

I think that Freshers should obviously join the comedy society if they have an interest in comedy as a whole, whether it be stand up, sketch or just liking to laugh. For a while in my first year I thought I would sack off stand up and that would mean I couldn’t come anymore but like anyone else who joins, you’re always welcome. And the only thing we force our members to do is drink at their own pace.