Recently Netflix saw the reboot of Mr Show and the return of Bob Odenkirk and David Cross with their new show Bob and David. Portlandia has also had its return with season 5 earlier this year, along with a bucket load of other Netflix original comedies like Masters of None, BoJack Horseman and Arrested Development.

While Comedy Central currently has Inside Amy Schumer, Impractical Jokers and, Lip Sync Battles with individual clips of these shows being uploaded to their site as well.

These clips offer short 3-4 minute sections taken from a longer show, but this also seems to be a new trend in comedy in general with Last Week Tonight and The Daily Show doing the same but uploading their clips to YouTube. 

So sketch shows seem to be the natural way to move forward, with a large emphasis on shorter and easier to digest clips, available online and straight away. This links with the assumption that people now have shorter attention spans and want content at their fingertips.

Bob and David and Portlandia are great examples of this moving trend while both vary in style and humour they are classic examples of sketch show comedy. Both of them are between 20-30 minutes but offer 3-4 minute sketches. This is perfect to fit with this new online movement being adopted by other comedy productions. You only pay attention for the sketches that catch your eye and those that don’t, only last a few minutes anyway so you can skip or let it play in the background. 

Netflix is having huge success with their original content, so we can certainly expect more sketch shows and more seasons. We’ve already seen this with dramas such as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. However, is this really what the viewer wants?