andrew_lawrence_photo_by_steve_ullathorneAndrew Lawrence caused a big old stir recently with a post on his Facebook account. What rubbed people up the wrong way was probably that it skirted ever so close to the edge of misogyny and sheer madness, in my opinion. Or it could be that he took twelve paragraphs to explain the simple point that he isn’t fond of comedians on TV and that UKIP should be left alone, which I don’t agree with. Any political party, especially one that has openly fascist members, I won’t say that UKIP is a fascist party because that is a generalisation, is begging to be made fun of. That’s all they are: jokes. So take please them as jokes, not seriously.

Anyway I’m babbling let’s get on with why Lawrence maybe should have had someone look at this status before he decided to post. I don’t agree with nearly all the points that he makes, but I can understand both sides of the argument without agreeing, which is what Lawrence tries to claim but it backfires hideously. I quote “Can’t say that I’m a UKIP supporter, but I can see why other people are, and I don’t disrespect them for it.” Sounds like he’s a closet UKIP supporter if anything and spells out that he isn’t going to give a balanced argument, it makes me not want to write a balanced and unbiased response to what he’s said. Lawrence makes the point that the UKIP joke maybe getting a little old now and it’s “lazy” well fair enough I get that I’m over it as well, but it’s just topical material and considering there are still jokes to be made about UKIP does suggest that majority of people actually aren’t bored of listening to them.


Lawrence calls it “liberal back-slapping on panel shows” but only gives one example ‘Mock the Week’ so either he only watches that one programme and he hasn’t checked out what other panel shows are talking about, or he’s been pretty lazy himself when writing about this. Not smart, either way. He then goes on to dig an even bigger hole for himself by pointing out who’s making such crazy accusatory jokes about UKIP: “balding, fat men.” Now if he had stopped here then he still might have hurt Dara Ó Briain’s feelings but the damage might have been contained a little. Instead he had to go on and say “ethnic comedians and women-posing-as-comedians”. It’s painful to write these words ladies and gentlemen even though they’re not my own, I can only say that I don’t think he meant to sound like a racist and woman hater, but that’s how it’s come off Andrew.


To add fuel to the fire of potential racism he goes on to try and push that stupid uneducated argument that immigrants are coming over and stealing ‘our jobs’. That must be the real lazy joke of all this, I saw a comedy set recently which explains the futility of that argument, the comedian was a character act and the character was your stereotypical misogynist, racist, homophobic man. The jokes were told so that you laughed at how absurd his beliefs were, he made the point about immigrants coming over and stealing jobs in the medical profession and what could this guy know that he wouldn’t, this immigrant surely wouldn’t know how to cure a nettle sting. It’s a shame that a talented comedian like Lawrence can sympathise with other the viewpoint of such a farcical character act. He says “For every person that comes here and contributes richly to our culture, there are those that refuse to assimilate.” Unless he knows every immigrant that has come in to the country, that’s a mass generalisation that is going to lead him in to an endless pit of hate mail and abusive responses. In my opinion, the point he’s trying to make here is that he doesn’t actually want any contribution to our thriving multicultural society, he would prefer us all to just sit around eating fish and chips all day listening to the BBC (Which he despises) and drinking tea because those are all British things, I’m guessing. Then for some crazy reason he blames immigrants for our apparent “fractured, broken society” if Lawrence has a publicist they’ve surely dropped him after this fiasco, very poor choice of words, he might as well have just climbed the top of Big Ben or something and screamed “BROKEN BRITAIN”.


He says that he can’t stand the hypocrisy of comedians on television, how they make lazy jokes and the “deeply ingrained militant liberal politics at every level of the BBC” Surely, as a stand-up comedian, he must realise there’s a vast difference between the two forms of comedy. Don’t get me wrong, you can make lazy jokes as a stand-up, that happens all the time, but stand-up comedy allows for individuality more than television ever could. Television provides entertainment for mainstream and targeted audiences, which again lends to the theory that people still probably want to keep hearing jokes about UKIP. If I heard jokes about UKIP during a live stand-up set I would admittedly lose interest after five minutes but that’s just me, we all have our own preferences don’t we? As to Andrew Lawrence describing the BBC as this militant liberal machine, I have to disagree, but this boils down to your personal politics. If you associate with the far right you’re probably going to perceive the BBC as liberal, if you’re left wing you may see the BBC as rather conservative. I can’t say if Andrew Lawrence has seen any other panel shows on the BBC but I can safely say that when I’m watching something like ‘Have I Got News for you’ or ‘Mock the Week’ they tend to satirise what’s happening currently, so if UKIP aren’t making fools of themselves they also pick on Conservatives, Labour oh and they love to have a go at Nick Clegg and the Liberals.


On the whole Andrew Lawrence’s status just sabotaged himself and made him out to be a whining petulant child, he makes me feel ill reading about his insensitive generalisations. Even though I think he was trying to make a point of defending UKIP, the thing that will stick with me after reading this is when he said “ethnic comedians and women-posing-as-comedians” because I’ll never know what he meant. He sounds like a racist and a misogynist, like these two groups shouldn’t be in the comedy industry at all, but I so wholeheartedly don’t want to believe he was saying that.