It seems as though it’s been about a decade since we last heard from Frank Ocean. Ok maybe not that long, but after he released the incredible Channel Orange album in 2012, the pressure has been on the young songwriter for fresh material as the world waited with baited breath for more romantic soul exposing from him.

Turning up un-announced on his Tumblr page, Ocean has unveiled new track ‘Memrise’ with no word on whether it will be an official single or is merely a titbit to keep his hoards of fans ticking over.

Well, as amazing as Channel Orange was and still is, ‘Memrise’ totally fails to get me interested in the return of Mr Ocean. It’s bland, unfathomable and boring in a nutshell. I get the impression Frank could have released a Vine of himself miming along to Homes Under The Hammer and it would have received the same level of praise as ‘Memrise’ is getting,

The style over substance approach is never one that should be used by anyone and here we have Frank Ocean, the guy who broke your heart with tracks such as ‘Bad Religion’ and ‘Pyramids’ going against everything I love about him. I’m actually pretty disappointed that after such a long period of radio silence, that this is what Ocean has decided to come back with.