tree 3This is a really simple and basic design which anyone can achieve this Christmas – and one of our personal favourites at Demon Fashion. The use of tape makes it much more reliable to get those desired straight lines and shapes, in comparison to trying to draw each one individually using a fiddly nail art brush.

For this tutorial I used:

  • Maybelline Colour Show – Blackout
  • Seventeen Nail Polish – Holo
  • Barry M Base & Top Coat
  • Masking Tape
  • Scissors

1. Firstly, prep your nail design by cutting out six strips of masking tape for each nail. Remember, these are going to help create a silhouette of a Christmas tree; so two of the pieces need to be cut at a 45-degree angle on the end.

2. To start the design, apply a base coat to prevent your nails from any damage.

3. Then, add a layer of the Blackout nail varnish to each nail.


4. Once these are completely dry, stick the strips of masking tape on each nail to create a Christmas tree form.


5. Apply a few coats of the gorgeous Holo nail varnish to ensure a good, opaque coverage.

6. When the drying is complete, remove the making take to see the final design, and seal with topcoat.

tree 3

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