BbJD7BIbIislPzZ6V8TBOdLzgPqLkoOv6fD7UGkdUcUValentine’s Day is one day when you can go all out on your own look to make you feel as confident as possible. Whether you are in that classic little black dress or going for a more smart/casual look; painting your nails will help your over all look to stand out.

You have the freedom to paint whatever you wish on your nails, so if you are after something bold then why not show your passion for love on your nails? From writing ‘Love’ across your nails, to having something more personal between you and your partner. Let your nails show off your passion.


If you are something a little more subtle then why not chose a red or pink varnish and then add little hearts to one or two nails, or even just include it in a different design. This means that the design will be perfect for the special day and wearable for weeks after.


Even if you are just having a night in with your girlfriends, then why not make your night more fun by painting each other’s nails. This way you are still celebrating the occasion and having fun at the same time.

Hints and tips:

  • Make sure you pick subtle colour combinations; Valentine’s Day is all about sophistication and desire, so make your nails desirable by picking the perfect design for you.
  • Think about your design and paint them the night before. You do not want to rush around before a date trying to get your nails to dry because this will only lead to disasters. By painting them the night before you can relax whilst you are designing them.


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