November is here and the freezing breath of winter strokes our faces daily on the chilly mornings.

Sadly, Christmas is still a month away and before we get some glow back to our cheeks with the warmth of fireplace and mulled wine, our skin can become majorly dehydrated and cracked, and therefore looking dull, greyish and not very attractive in general.

Fortunately, there is one incredible way of bringing back both life and light to our faces in no time, as if with a flick of a magic wand. Ladies, may I introduce – the highlighter.

This makeup product spreads its magic powers in a both powder and cream formula, depending on how subtle or intensive you want it to look – powders are obviously easier to apply for those more heavy-handed, but creams have the advantage of staying longer and also exactly where you want them. The choice is yours here.

You can also pick from many different shades of this shimmery, sparkly goodness to suit your skin tone – from peaches and rose golds, to champagne and silvery hues – the possibilities are endless.

Now, that you’ve got your magic illuminator, it’s time to work it! Apply the highlighter on the highest points of your face, when the sun would naturally hit – the tops of your cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, the brow bone and Cupid’s bow. If you are wearing a revealing dress, don’t be afraid to emphasise your cleavage and arms by dusting it on with a big, fluffy brush.


I promise that your skin will beam with an amazing glow and look plump, fresh and young – get it and see for yourself how one stroke of light can sweep the damaging signs of winter and make you enter the festive season with a beautifully radiant face.

Here is a little guide and my personal recommendations if you still need enlightening:

1. The Solstice Highlighting Palette by Sleek (£10) – there is nothing to complain about here. For a tenner you get three different formulas and FOUR different shades to keep it interesting. All of this in a dazzling gold packaging and a little handy brush attached. Definitely a Christmas party staple.

2. The Mary-Lou Manizer by The Balm (£17) – from a slightly higher shelf, but an absolute classic. A gorgeous honey gold with shimmery particles that will make your face appear simply angelic. A staple in the drawer of every makeup freak.

3. Baked Highlighter in Golden Lights by Makeup Revolution (£3) – for those of you who are on a strict budget but still want to shine bright like a diamond – this will do the job beautifully. Available in three different shades.

4. The Highlighting Palette by Revlon (£10) – a mixture of pigmented and good quality shimmers, very similar to the famous Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Brick that no student can afford. Can be used as eye shadow as well if you find yourself not glowing enough