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We have all seen that sparkly and sequinned clothes are back in style, ready for Christmas. So why not keep this trend running through all the way to your nails. I’ve put together a tutorial that is a really easy way for anyone to get perfectly sparkly nails.

I recommend the Bourjois Glitter Varnish as you can apply it to any colour and it will work. This takes seconds to dry and can almost act as a top coat to protect the colour underneath.



For this tutorial I used:

  • Barry M Base & Top Coat
  • Bourjois Glitter Varnish
  • 17 Rock Hard Nail Polish – Pink Poser
  1. Apply the base coat to allow protection for your nails
  2. Then, use one or two coats (depending on how opaque you want the colour) of the 17 Pink Poser nail varnish

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  1. Once that is completely dry, a layer of the glitter polish
  2. Finally, apply the top coat for extra protection.

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With this easy design you can use any colour as a base underneath the aparkly. I suggest using the glitter on darker colours because it allows the glitter to shine though. If you use it on a lighter colour (as you can see in the image) then the glitter effect almost disappears and becomes unnoticeable.

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Have you tried this technique? Why don’t you show us using @Demonfashion.