NYENo matter how hard we try, we all never keep to our resolutions for a whole year. Granted, some are easier than others! But here are some fashion-related resolutions that should be considered for the New Year coming round.

Mix and Match

Especially when living in Leicester, the temptation to walk into Highcross Shopping Centre and spend hours browsing and buying is constantly very high. But, I don’t even think our budgets could reach buying even a quarter of Urban Outfitters-branded goods. So, why not try mix and matching? With 10 pieces, including shoes and accessories, you can create a whole week’s wardrobe! There is no need to buy clothes that you will wear once and then allow it to gather dust in the back of your wardrobe. By buying the basic essentials, you can look like you have hundreds of outfits but actually spending a fraction of what you would buy purchasing more, saving time and money.

New years resolutions 1

DIY Clothing

Feeling creative? Never throw out a piece of clothing without thinking of what else it can be turned into, which means that, essentially, you can get a new piece of clothing for free! Even if you just cut out patches from an old floral top and stick them to the pockets of your denim jeans, you have created a new product which no one else will earn! Even if you do not have the creativity to do this, you could catch up with a trusty friend on a Fashion course who could do all the tricky sewing for you in half the time and with less pin-related injuries. You never know, you could even turn this into a small student business!

Price Compare

Don’t just wing it and go into a shop not knowing exactly what you are looking for. Looking online for the best deals can save so much time, stress and money. Yes, you may argue that you are in love with that £50 jumper from Topshop, but guaranteed there will be a similar, or even better jumper like that for a fraction of the cost in shops like H&M, Primark or even the local boutiques and charity shops! Furthermore, looking online can save you from trapesing round every shop to only find yourself going back to the first shop again because you exactly what you are looking for. A top tip for finding that one item is to find similar ones in other stores, this means if the item is out of stock, then you know where to look next, saving you from heartbreak and disappointment.

Creating a Clothing Allowance

This is something that will definitely help you in the long run! Creating a budget for every one or two month’s means that you will not consider buying something, which you might inevitably regret. Also, this gives you time to think of what you really need, especially when the seasons change.

Going Green

Want to change the world? Why not start the New Year by doing something helpful towards our planet? Only buying organic or clothes that are only produced in the UK gives you that warm feeling, as you know you have done something helpful. You could then branch this idea out into only buying cosmetics with natural ingredients and have not been animal tested.