24L24FBRN_largeMen; you may think that bags are just for women to carry around make up, tissues and everything else physically possible, but they are for you too! You may be thinking that is ‘girly’, but you need to consider the practicalities of the perfect man bag. Especially as we are students, there is a lot that we have to carry around to lectures and labs; so, let’s take a look at what is fashionable and affordable this season.

The Brown Messenger Bag for £25 from Burton is ideal for when you do not want to carry around too much. This small bag is great for carrying an emergency notepad and pen or anything else that you fancy. Furthermore, the adjustable strap means that you can wear it how you like, no matter your height.


This may be a little more expensive at £65, but this Jasper Conran Black Pleated Pocket Bag is worth the money. With the fashionable leather look and canvas aesthetic combination, the bag also comes with an inner laptop compartment perfect for a day out on campus.


Not fancying anything too extravagant, then why not buy the Ucon Acrobatics Volker Gym Bag for £30 from Urban Outfitters. This one is perfect for when you want to only carry a few pieces around with you, or you are in need of something a bit fancier for the gym. With lots of space and an inside pocket, you can fill it with all the essentials that you need.


If you are after a larger bag to travel back home with, then why not check out the Weekend Bag from H&M for £29.99. This canvas bag means you can take home any clothing, laptop and any other necessaries around with you all at once, so there is no need for lots of little bags.

Now you should never struggle to find the perfect bag for any occasion!