In 1999 dozens were injured in a Bomb blast in London, the explosion happened outside a busy supermarket in Brixton injuring at least 45 people.

The bomb was a nail bomb, which suggested to police at the time that the bomb was intended to cause as much possible harm to the general public in the area. At least four of the casualties- including a one-year-old boy received a nail to the brain- were immediately rushed into hospital and kept over night.

The bomb was placed outside on an Iceland, a market trader after being handed the bag, upon realising what it contained tried to remove it from the area, only for it to go off in his hands throwing him backwards receiving nails to his leg.

There was chaos following with many being injured from the nails within the bomb. At the time the police struggled to establish a motivation for the attack, it was initially linked to Northern Irish paramilitary groups. However Brixton based black activist Lee Jasper suspected the bomb was actually placed in Brixton by a far right racially motivated group.

This was because Brixton had a high concentration of ethnic minority residents and is known as a centre of black culture in London.

the Home Secretary Jack Straw spoke out against the bombing as ‘an Outrageous and mindless act’.

However, the suspicions of a far right motivation were confirmed when a week later another bomb went off in Brick Lane in London’s East End, an area that once again had a high concentration of ethnic minorities as many regarded it as the hub of the Asian population. Only seven were slightly injured but the message was becoming more and more clear regarding the motivations of these attacks.

However, on the 30th of April another nail bomb was set off, however this was in a central London pub with a large number of gay customers, the bomb injured sixty-five people, seventeen seriously with two having to have leg amputations, three were fatalities one being a pregnant women.

The explosions were as black activist Lee Jasper has suspected the work of a right-wing extremist by the name of David Copeland who was captured shortly after the pub bombing, he was found guilt of murder and jailed for like in June 2000.