celesteTwo De Montfort University students are working to make life better for homeless people in Leicester.

Celeste Webster-Jennings and Kieron Montgomery have started the ‘Spare Change Please’ campaign to help those living on the streets of the city.

Celeste said: “A couple of years ago I started noticing more people on the streets in Leicester and walking past them and being asked for money or help and it doesn’t seem to be getting better, it is always the same people on the streets.

“There are charities out there but they aren’t having enough of an impact if the people are still there.”

“I want these people to have change, not just the money because you can never be sure what they will choose to spend that on but help to make their lives better and get them off of the streets.”

Their first mission took place on the night of Saturday, March 8, where they took soup, bread and water to homeless people across Leicester.

The pair begun with about six tins of soup only and chatted to the homeless people to get to know them while giving them food.

Celeste added: “We had a really positive reaction, the homeless people were really grateful.

“We are trying to help homeless people out but I want to get to know them first so that I know what they actually want.”

“One of the guys I met didn’t want the soup, for example but by talking to him I now know what he would like.”

Celeste was really touched by the impact they had just with that first night.

She said: “There was one man who was so cold he could not speak but after having some of our hot soup he was able to say thank you.”