DMU_WelcomeFirst year is coming to a close and I don’t want it to end, I’d happily do the past year all over again as it’s been the best year of my life. People have a lot of expectations of how uni is going to be; usually being skint, working hard and drinking as much as possible. I can honestly say, from my experience so far, it’s exactly that and more. When I reflect on the year I realise I have been the most stereotypical student I could have been, except I went to restaurants for breakfast and spent far too much time in the MAC store, but at least I know why I’m poor.

I met one of the best people I’ve ever met in my life at uni, it’s weird thinking back to 7 months ago when we met up before our taster lecture having no clue who each other were but didn’t want to sit alone and now she’s my best friend and we’re pretty much inseparable. I never would have met her if it weren’t for DMU, so I feel I already owe so much to this place.  You grow so much as a person in your first year, I know I’ve changed a lot, mostly for the better but I do think I’ve developed a minor drinking problem but second year is about finding the balance so I probably have a lot more learning to do there.

If I have any advice for future first years it’s do as much as you can; I wish I had joined more societies and met even more people because getting out there as much as possible is so beneficial. Also saying yes to opportunities, even if you’re anxious about doing it just always put yourself out there because you never know who you might meet or what you might do. I feel like I’m writing as if I’m some uni guru but I’m really not, I still have no clue what I’m doing.

Uni halls have also been an … experience. Living in halls has had its ups and downs but I’m definitely going to miss being able to lock the door, cocoon myself in my duvet and lay low for a while with a pack of custard creams and not get judged for it. I know I may not be the care free fresher next year but I’ll probably relapse once or twice to my first year ways and I look forward to it.