Live and Learn.

Welcome, freshers, to the next 3 or 4 years at DMU. As a fresher, you will now encounter a life of independence, meaning living life without parents to do things for you, and also having to maintain a healthy lifestyle – including food and fitness (on a budget).  So here are a few handy tips and ideas to help you out.

The dreaded food shop.

Weekly food shops can be a hassle; however, there are easy and simple ways to maintain healthy eating without breaking the bank, and without emergency frozen pizza, or a trek to McDonald’s.

Shops in the evening.

Most supermarkets tend to reduce prices on items in the evenings, enabling you to grab a bargain! Also, supermarkets provide reduced prices of hot pre-cooked meals in the evening, i.e. chicken, meaning you can buy a healthy meal without even having to cook anything on the day.


Now, rather than letting yourself run wild around the aisle of the supermarket, plan and write a list of foods to buy, meaning you will not over-spend, or get tempted to buy more than you need. (Also, if you shop with your flatmates, why not stock up as a group on items? It will save you time and money).

Did you have your 5 a day? 

Fruit and veg are pricey for a weekly shop. But never fear, as you should always include it in your diet. Veg can be purchased fresh or already frozen; both ways you have nutritional value, and it can last a long time.

However, fruit is always a problem.  Not only does it go off quickly, but it can be hard to restock every week. But never get put off, fruits can be used to various ways, including blending it up into smoothies; this way you are actually using the fruit you buy every week – not to mention, they are filling! Also, why not take a trip to the local market? You get more for your money, and it tends to retain nutrition longer than fruit from supermarkets.

Exercise is a must!

It is vital to include some form of exercise every week. Not only does it keep you fit, but it also keeps you sane. However, as a student, gym memberships are always the cheapest…


It may not be everyone’s favourite sport, but running, jogging, or speed walking can provide you with a good cardio workout without a treadmill. It’s enjoyable to do alone, or with a group of friends 3 or 4 times a week.


Whether you enjoy competitive sports or just want something fun to do, societies give you the chance to train, get fit and meet new people. With DMU having various sports clubs and dance societies, you will be able to train and exercise for fun, without the additional cost.

Apps and DVD’s.

If you want to do your own thing then investing in apps and DVDs are perfect; not only does it make you feel like you’ve been to the gym without stepping outside your door, it’s also private. My top pick would be the Sworkit App: its free to download, and is like having a personal trainer on hand 24/7. Just pick from the various categories, set a time limit, and get stuck in. Similarly invest in fitness DVs, simple, easy and last you forever.

Now there’s some advice to get you started fresher, welcome to DMU.