Northern stars Keith Lemon and Paddy McGuinness are creating the ultimatie comedy duo.

ITV’s prime time money maker comedians are set to pilot a sketch show together uniting to create what promises to be a hilarious sketch show with many celebrity guests.

Both comedians have had experience with shows flopping despite their individual success in recent years.

I personally was in the audience for McGuinness panel show Mad, Mad World, with my particular show never even seeing the light of day.

The creator of Keith Lemon has had a fair few personas before settling on the good ‘ole Keith who we all love and adore.

Putting to fantastic comedians together for a sketch show does not always work out, however, no matter how good the odds seem to be- Just ask James Corden and Mathew Horne. I doubt you will be able to get them in the same room, though.

The pair has been in a sketch show together before with The Keith Lemon Sketch Show was ITV’2 highest viewed launch in three years and attracted an average of 1.1 million viewers per episode.

Where Paddy and Keith regularly co-starred primarily, in ‘Keith and Paddy’s film bit’ where they spoofed famous movie scenes.

Leigh Francis tweeted that the second series was coming ‘proper soon’, having previously tweeted that it would return ‘sort of 4 days into February. Not sure if I’m supposed to say t’ date though’.

The Pilot will be made by Talkback who also makes Lemon’s other highly popular show Celebrity Juice and its sister show Thames produces McGuinness’s show Take Me Out.

Les Keen, Paddy’s regular right-hand man and a senior television writer for both men and is credited as a head writer on the pilot.

McGuinness begins his new stand-up tour, Daddy McGuinness, later this month.