Last week we said goodbye to a Hero, who inspired generations both with his music, as well as the vivid persona that he created. No matter if you liked him or not, you have to admit the colourful bird David Bowie was never, boring in neither his songs nor outfits.

As Ziggy Stardust, he shocked with tight stripy jumpsuits, sky-high red platforms and weirdly shaped garments that looked as if they had been designed in a space centre. As simply Bowie, he always represented the British higher stylishness, yet usually with his own, edgy twist – either in colour or pattern.

Once again, even though he is no longer with us, he may become an inspiration for those who stray from anything bold, bright and different. This combination of garments we created is a subtle variation on the theme of Bowie, which should not be too scary, but will surely make you stand out in a crowd of plain minimalism.

I chose a leather coat as an outerwear statement piece, as it is timeless, yet sadly not seen on the streets often. The texture and richness of the material can be styled in a both elegant and bad boy ways– any guy should invest in a simple leather jacket or coat, they do make life interesting.

A patterned shirt with a bright tie is probably an instant NO to many of you, however these particular examples show it is not as horribly peacock-esque, as you may imagine.

Ziggy wore patterns with pride, why can’t you? Flowers on a guy do not have to be funny, especially if they come in a b&w, tattoo-like manner. A thin, yellow tie is eye-catching and brings a humorous element to any outfit – it is worth giving it a try if you are new to using fashion as a playground.

Pastels were a particular favourite of Bowie’s, as they look elegant on structured forms like shirts, trousers or suits, but delicately step away from the eternal blacks, blues and browns. These sky blue chinos will not cause too much controversy, while still being oddly classy.

Lastly, the finishing touches – for both the top and the bottom. Gold-framed purple sunglasses are a great way to give vent to craziness through something small and seemingly unimportant. Classic, grandpa style Doc Martens are the definition of british rebels and early hipsters, and I am sure Bowie had at least one pair – they go with everything and aren’t too ‘out there’.

Now choose to step out of your comfort zone and accept the challenge of wearing patterned, colourful clothing. Who knows, you might even become a hero…. even if just for one day.