As many will have heard by now there’s a new president-elect in town and while the Doom-Sayers have been out in force the last few weeks hailing the end of the united states cessation of California from the Union and riots in the streets of many democratic cities, while the future may not be as grim as they promise there may still be a light in the darkness for the withered old Uncle Sam one that Britain has seen too in the last year or so and no I’m not talking about Brexit.

Back in the murky mists of time around the time of 2015AD Britain was experiencing a ritualistic event that happens roughly every 5 years known to some as a general election the citizens would scribble messages onto small slips of paper and then deposit them en masse into large boxes. However, something was different this time for many years the political landscape had been dominated by two large alpha beasts known only as “The Conservatives” and “The Labour Party” but this time there was a litter of parties to choose from none of them new per se by only know did they gain significant political footing these new kids on the block were certainly diverse ranging from the far left “Green Party” to the Nationalistic “United Kingdom Independence Party” now the long term upset with the current parties had created an opening for these new parties to snap up votes and in the eyes of the average voter their potential candidates had just upped from 2-4 to a healthy 7 choices. And we may be seeing a similar change taking form across the pond.

The Diverse cast of general election 2015

The Diverse cast of general election 2015

With the undeniable popularity of anti-establishment candidates this election cycle and the 3rd party candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein from the “Libertarian Party” and “Green Party” respectively as well as the astonishing popularity of Independent candidate Evan McMullen in Utah it seems America is about to realise there are other options than Democrats and Republicans and although dark days may be ahead in the form of climate change and other looming disasters such as a follow-up economic collapse on the coat tails of 2008 there is hope that 2020 could be better than anyone had hoped. Four years is a long time though so please America just keep it together a little longer, for us?

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