Tomorrow the student and community radio station DemonFM will be celebrating its 21st Birthday, Demon21, at De Montfort University.

In 1995 a group of forward thinking students set up the station. Which has now managed to successfully obtain two OFCOM community licences and now broadcasts on 107.5FM across Leicestershire as well as around the world online.

The celebrations that will take place on Saturday 19 November will include a training day with notable alumni and industry professionals from around the country hosting talks as well as a party in the evening.

Names such as Jordan North, from BBC Radio, Chris North, of North Media talent and founding member of DemonFM, Ioana Barbu of Bauer Media and more will be hosting hour long talks through the day on a variety of topics.

Hannah Rowe, Station Manager for DemonFM said: “We have 10 fantastic talks on offer through the day hosted by some very generous and talented alumni.

“It is a real privilege to be able to arrange this for everyone here at Demon Media and all those at DMU who have an interest in the media industry.”

Just last week DemonFM found out it would be hosting the Student Radio Association Conference 2017 next April, find out more here.

Not only is the day to celebrate but the talks are aimed at nurturing the “diverse talent pool” at Demon Media.

The talks include tips on making quality demo reels, graphic design and the world of news.

Hannah added: “What better way to celebrate the birthday than by showcasing our talent, which now includes Demon Design and Demon Tech. Two sub strands of our group that have been developed this year.”

To find out more about Demon21 or DemonFM check out their website here –