The votes are in and the results show is now live right from the brand new campus centre. After a dramatic week of campaigning the candidates can now only sit back and await the results. This year has been a record breaking year for votes with 5455 total votes.

Check out our early predictions taken from the first ever Demon Media opinion poll and see how they stack up against the real results

BME (Black, Minority and ethnic) Representative – Arron Halait

Disabled Students Representative – Demi Rixon with 803 votes in their favour

International Students Representative – Usaid Nagaria with 615 votes in their favour

LGBTQ+ Representative – Gage Holland with 737 votes in their favour

Women’s Representative – Sarah Burdett with 564 votes in their favour

With no candidate the Mature Student Representative this post will be voted for in the future with a By-election – More details to follow from the Student’s Union

VP Media and Communication – Mike Mayes with 1121 votes in their favour

VP Student Activities – Derrick Mensah with 886 votes in their favour

VP Welfare and Communities – Jessica Okwuonu with 782 votes in their favour

DP Education – Mollie Footitt with 865 votes in their favour

President – Ahtesham Mahmood with 1813 votes in their favour

That is the full list of all elected positions, make sure to check for our election roundup tomorrow