A student who had to interrupt her studies for more than a year after a brain stroke has started over at DMU determined to do her best.

Laura Allsopp, 20 is a first year Psychology student at De Montfort University.

At 18, a few months after starting her Psychology degree at Sheffield Hallam University, Laura suffered a brain stroke. It was impossible for her to continue her studies and she was taken back to her home in Leicester.

The first few months she found many day-to-day tasks difficult; she had problems eating and mainly relied on soups, she could not move at all, her speech and memory were impaired and she could barely make sense of what was going on around her.

She felt awkward in the presence of most people, and became secluded and introverted. Then one day, her mother read her a touching message from a friend who told her to fight for her life back and not let this ruin her.

That was a changing point in Laura’s life. Adamant to have her independence back, within a few of months of therapy she gradually gained her movement back.

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By Rubina Bala