By Matthew Hardiker 

After surpassing over 10 million players within the first two weeks of its release, the free to play Battle Royal mode of Epic Games` Fortnite became one of the most popular releases of the past year.  

The game’s objective is simple; similarly to Brendan Greene’s “Player Unknowns Battlegrounds”, 100 players parachute into their own chosen parts of the map to scavenge for supplies, weapons, and equipment in the hopes of being the last person or group of people to survive. Rare loot crates are dropped onto random points of the map and players must remain inside a designated “safe zone” which shrinks as each match continues.  

But what made the title so popular? So loved and praised in the gaming world? 

Its accessible and simple to understand: 

  • With such a basic and simple objective, Fortnite excludes itself from many of the more complex and difficult titles that can be found on the market. Instead, Fortnite is an accessible shooter game that can be enjoyed by almost anyone.  
  • It doesn’t matter how much time people have to spend learning the games mechanics. As long as someone has a basic understanding of the game, there’s not much standing between them and the chance of winning their second or even their first ever match.  

It’s a level playing field and every match is unique: 

  • Skill might be a factor in Fortnite, but the fact that each player starts each match on the same level offers a sense of fairness; allowing Epic Games to avoid the criticisms with the issues surrounding player advantages that have plagued other titles over the past few months, such as EA’s Star Wars Battlefront 2.  
  • On top of this, each match is unique. It’s intense, riveting gameplay which keeps you on the edge of your seat and the disappointment of being killed in the final stages of a match is levelled in comparison to the promise that the next match could be the one you win.  

It’s free and available on all platforms: 

  • The other dominating title in the Battle Royal genre, Player Unknowns Battlegrounds, is not free and is not available on all platforms. If you only have a PlayStation 4, then it’s bad news. Fortnite is though, and many would argue that it has become a more enjoyable game than its main competition.