The DMU Student Representatives elections will be running throughout the week (from Monday, 29thof October to Thursday, 1st of November). Last year, issues about the regulation of the Student’s Union election were raised and the university’s Board of Governors has decided not to ratify the results of the elections. To ensure that the same situation will not happen this year the Student Union have been revising the democratic process, however, nothing has been divulged until now. 

What is a Course Representative? 

The Course Representatives are extremely important because they act as a bridge between students and DMU staff. They are responsible for making sure that any issues that students may face on their course are being properly addressed. Basically, the Course Representatives need to speak with their course mates and try to find out what is concerning them after that, discuss with the course leaders ways to overcome those issues.

The Representatives are also expected to attend the Feedback Forum, the Staff-Student Consultative Committee (SSCC), Programme Management Boards (PMB) and the Education Council, regular meetings in which they will be required to represent the views and opinions of the students and defend their interests in the best way possible.

What is the difference between a Course Representative and a Student Group Representative?

Student Groups Representatives play the same role as a course representative within their society committee or sports club committee. They are all required to listen carefully to the concerns of the students they represent and try to resolve those problems in the best way possible.

Being a student Representative is a rewarding job but it also requires hard work and a lot of effort. Recently, during the last Education Council, a new policy was approved to remove Course Representatives if there is a loss in confidence. It means if students decide that they are being miss represented, they now have regulations allowing them to remove the Representative from his post.

Nevertheless, it is crucial that all the students vote to elect their Representatives, do not let the others decide for you, let your voice be heard and elect your course and student group representative!