As soon as Kylie launched her Holiday collection, I had to get my hands on her blush and highlighter. Unfortunately, the blush sold out in a blink. It was worldwide free shipping for 24 hours after the launch so I tried to get as many products as possible – still had to stick to a budget, because student life isn’t a joke. I ordered her ‘Snow Angel’ Kylighter, ‘Snow Sparkle’ glitter gloss, a concealer and a face palette from Koko Kollection. The packaging was pretty amazing as it came with a holiday card.

The Snow Angel kylighter was blinding. I was not expecting it to be that pigmented. A little bit of product goes a long way. The highlighter has a dense golden shimmer which looks beautiful on my medium skin tone. Although I am not quite sure if it would look the same on light to fair skin tones. It is not my go-to highlighter as it has a very golden shimmer to it. I would definitely use it while going out in the evening or for special occasions. It is promising and looks amazing on medium to dark skin tones but it’s a no for light to fair skin tones.

The Snow Sparkle glitter gloss actually looks white in its container but when you apply it, it has some purple and blue glitter in it. It is so shiny that I am not sure when to use it but it would definitely suit all skin tones. The gloss is not at all greasy or sticky, which is the best thing about it. For anyone who does not like the feeling of oily glosses: go for Kylie’s glitter glosses.


The skin concealers are said to have light coverage but actually, they are pretty dense. I ordered the shade ‘Himalaya’ for my skin tone, which is a pinkish shade. Pink conceals out all the darkness and the under eye bags. I have never used any pink shade based concealer before and now I am obsessed with it. I highly recommend the concealer. It lasts all day long and is extremely smooth to blend.

The Koko Kollection face palette has a blush- Rodeo Drive, it is warm pink satin shade; two highlighters- Troop Beverly Hills, which is a soft gold and 90210, which a golden peach shade; and it has a bronzer- Hollywood BLVD, which is a satin medium bronze shade. I loved the blush. It is very smooth and pigmented. Both the blush and The Troop Beverly hills highlighter would suit all skin tones. This could be your go-to highlighter. However, the 90210 did not look good on my skin colour and would also not look good on fair skin tones as it has a very different dark pinkish golden shimmer. You can also mix both the highlighters which gives a subtle pink shine. The Hollywood BLVD bronzer was extremely pigmented. I would definitely not use it for my contour but it looks good as an eyeshadow. For people who do not like a lot of bronzer, this shade isn’t going to work out.

My favourite product was the concealer- very smooth, high coverage and easy blending. My least favourite product was the bronzer. I do not recommend it for contouring but if you like a brownish look, go for it.