Scottish soon-to-be sensation Calum Jones has proved his musical dexterity stretches further than his distinctive Celtic sound with pop bop Ready or Not. An upbeat, reflective and mature track; it radiates a positive outlook on stepping into the unknown after a relationship. With a dramatic lyrical shift from his previous release, Jones has now realised that the ‘something about [Iona]’ is now the ‘something [better off with]out’ in his latest single. Despite the heartbreak, through the song’s feel-good and festival-pumping sound, Jones reassures us that he’s okay; he’s over it.

‘Ready or not, when will it stop? / ‘Cause I’m tired of playing these games with you’

The ebullient rhythm and resonating guitar breakdowns of the track seem to replicate the hearty melodies of Mumford and Sons and even the folk-meets-EDM style of the late Avicii, except without actual EDM but rather a passionate rock riff (and solo) in its place, exhibiting Jones’ virtuosic talent.

The song is more pro-independence than ‘anti-love’, as the song was advertised as. The song highlights the feelings one has when they realise the person that once meant everything to them isn’t actually good for them and having the strength to walk away. As this can be one of the hardest realisations in a relationship, the maturity of the single gives audiences the strength to get through it too.

‘Thought I could never love somebody like I loved you again… This isn’t love / I’ve had enough, yeah I’m done

Despite the single being released in October, it emanates a massive summery vibe, which evidently is the sentiment Jones wants the newly single to carry into the winter months.

If you haven’t heard of Calum Jones until now, look out for him as you will definitely be seeing his name again!