Written by John Perry

Improvisation. It’s a common stand-up routine for comedians both old and new across the world. With so many new acts to choose from, who would you even start with? Well, I have a great suggestion for you: Sex, Lies and Improvisation!

Back in February, before we all entered the lockdown, I saw the duo Alex and Rachel put on an amazing improv performance at The Western in Leicester during its infamous Comedy Festival. But why are they called Sex, Lies, and Improvisation

Well, it’s all about their relationship- the chemistry of a couple in dire situations using REAL lies provided by the audience.

I have seen a lot of comedy shows live and on-screen, but I have never seen such an intimate, fresh, and captivating act in my life. The way the performers interact with the audience at the start is great, everyone is involved from the get-go by voting on the lie that will start the performance. 

I applaud any artist on a stage than speaks to the audience like friends and not just numbers in seats, welcoming us warmly to watch them, making us feel comfortable, and laugh instantly.

The lie that I saw the night in question was ‘I never told you the wedding I went to recently was my ex’s.’ Nothing spectacular and an all too common lie for many couples, I thought. However, the way Alex and Rachel turn your expectations on their head is astounding and needs to be seen!

You are sucked into a dimension they have created in front of your eyes, creating a drama-filled story in their own world. You’re immediately hooked into the narrative of the dark comedy play like nothing I have ever seen live or on screen. One of the best aspects of their concept is that each night is different, so you would get the same quality but a totally different story as the lies change each time!

Bouncing dry humour and tear-jerking moments against each other requires pure talent that deserves to be recognised by the masses! It’s live entertainment at its best, but they are relatively unknown, meaning they have even bigger opportunities to come! I see big things for this duo and their future comedy careers! Be sure to catch Alex and Rachel on their next tour and take a chance on improv comedy!