Written by Emily Fox.

Over the next couple of months, the Executive Officer team will be chosen by you, to represent you and your fellow students for the 2021-2022 academic year. 

What are their roles? What impact do they make? Why should I stand? The Demon is here to answer some of these questions for you. 

The De Montfort Students Union (DSU) Executives are a team of elected students who work together to represent your views and improve your student experience at De Montfort University. They are vital in helping the Students Union run smoothly, ensure the student voice is heard and represented, as well as having the ability to facilitate university-wide changes. Plus, these roles are paid positions – allowing you to gain valuable transferable skills before you graduate!

What is an Executive Officer?

As an Executive Officer, you will be responsible for enhancing the student experience at DMU, the Students’ Union strategy, strategic planning and development.

Each role is responsible for specific areas of the student experience and you will work full-time representing DMU students by engaging with a range of stakeholders including University management, local authorities and national representative bodies.

You will have a full staff team behind you who will support you with your campaigns and the ongoing development of the student experience.  

Whether you’re passionate about welfare, enthusiastic about equality or passionate about opportunities, this election is an opportunity for you to bring your ambitions and ideas to life. This year, there are five full-time roles up for grabs:

  • Union Development Executive
  • Academic Executive
  • Equality and Diversity Executive
  • Student Opportunities and Engagement Executive
  • Welfare Executive

You can either take up the role once you have finished your studies or take a year out of your studies to serve as an Executive Officer. Alternatively, you could stand for election as a part-time Liberation Officer, alongside your studies at DMU.

Nominations for the DSU Officer Elections 2021 are open now and close on Monday 15 February at 11:59pm. Find out more, learn how to write a great 300-word manifesto and nominate yourself here.

Thinking about becoming a Full-Time Officer and wondering what impact you can have at DMU?

Over the years, the Executive Officer teams have brought about change which has had a lasting impact on the university experience at DMU. Please note that some roles mentioned below have changed, as a result of the latest DSU governance review. 

Caitlin Bloom, previously Deputy President Education (2012-2014), made some real changes to the university procedures including:

  • Bringing in a new anonymous marking policy, which was implemented by the university.
  • Creating a personal tutoring policy, whereby each first-year student is assigned a personal tutor.
  • Changing the phone number of the University from an 0800 number to one more local to Leicester. 

Derrick Mensah was Deputy President Student Activities from 2017 – 2019. He showed that being part of the Executive Team can be a rewarding experience as he had the opportunity to work on various campaigns during his time in office, such as:

  • Creating a Chairs Forum for student group Chairs to have a support system and stay connected 
  • The Black History Month Cultural Celebration where he worked in partnership with cultural societies. This event brought together over 400 students to enjoy a night of food, entertainment and to learn more about the African Caribbean culture. 
  • Organising the DSU Faculty Champs Event which brought together students and their lecturers to represent their faculties and take part in a series of fun events. 

Mollie Footitt was the Deputy President Education between 2017 – 2019. She enjoyed her role immensely, and said it gave her a lot of responsibility. For example, Mollie was able to:

  • Play a key part in the work of re-writing the constitution to ensure that DSU worked better for current students.
  • Grow both personally and professionally, enhancing her self-confidence!
  • Lead a #DMUGlobal trip for students to New York.

Feeling inspired? You could be part of the next executive team too! Don’t get stuck on mute, you can spark the change. Find out more about the roles, including how to nominate yourself, and the executive responsibilities, by visiting the Elections page on the De Montfort Students Union website.