Here is the second in-depth article on how to dress for your body shape. When going out shopping and purchasing new clothes you want to know that what you are wearing will flatter and enhance your given body shape, right? Then knowing what body shape you are is vital, to make sure you buy the correct clothes to fit your body and enhance your silhouette.

This article is aimed at women who have the body shape; lean column. It is perhaps even less flattering for a name of a body shape than inverted triangle, but there are women out there who fit into this category.  The question is, are you one of them?


To establish yourself as a lean column, stand in front of the mirror without your clothes (except perhaps your underwear) and consider the following about your body:

  1. Are your shoulders in line with your hips and bottom?
  2. Are you the same size for both your top and bottom half?
  3. Do you have a slim and/or tall figure?
  4. Is your bust of a minimal/ small size?
  5. Is there little definition between your top and bottom half?

This particular body type is perhaps one of the easiest to shop and dress for due to both your top and half being in similar proportion and having a slim physique. Having said that, due to their being little definition between both your top and bottom half, you can easily end up looking completely straight and too average.


With most lean columns you tend to have a minimal bust area which when wearing the wrong clothes on your top half can make you appear flat chested. What you want to do when it comes to your top half, is add layering to make it appear that you have more of a defined waist and breast, experiment with different neck lines and invest in a good push up bra. Prints such as floral and stripes will help to shorten your top half. The best thing with being a lean column is that you have the freedom to experiment with what you wear on your top half. Just remember to avoid necklines which make you appear broader on top, and styles of tops which accentuate your shoulders.

Topshop dress RI Crop top RI top


By having slim legs in which lean columns do, it is easier to experiment with different styles of     skirts and shorts for the summer and trousers and jeans for the cooler months.  With regards to shorts and skirts for the summer, because lean columns have slimmer legs you can get away with mini length skirts and short shorts. However I would advise no more than 3 or 4 inches above your knee, to avoid any mishaps or appearing a little slutty. When it comes to jeans in particular, avoid really tight skinny fit jeans as you don’t want to make your legs appear overly skinny.  However do try on skinny jeans to see whether they are too clingy or are just right, as different styles vary. Boot cut jeans will also help give the appearance of fuller curves, as well as   turn ups, pockets, and embellishments.

1 new RI midi skirt H&M Jeans


To add different shapes and more of a distinct silhouette to your body chunky pieces of jewellery such as bangles, and statement necklaces will help do this.  Clutch bags and round shaped bags with soft edges and satchels will help compliment your silhouette whilst clutch and soft textured bags adding class, and satchels adding a quirky retro style.  When it comes to shoes you want to look out for kitten/medium sized heels, ballet shoes, and either knee high or ankle boots.

Topshop court shoe 2 daisy necklacesatchel

Key tips to remember when shopping for the lean column shape:

–          Avoid overly clingy and skinny garments that will make you appear skinnier.

–          Experiment with adding different textures and layers to add volume to your shape.

–          Invest in a good padded and push up bra.