Taking to their Twitter account a few days ago, Haim posted a throwback Thursday photo of themselves in the studio with Bastille where they went to sing on a then untitled track. Well, the track has finally surfaced online and ‘Bite Down’ is that track.

Opening in a haze of Joy Division/The Cure guitar shred, Dan from Bastille sounds his most poptastic self yet. Then we get the unabashed talent of Danielle, Este and Alana Haim bringing in their powerful harmonies down on us like a powerhouse of pop. ‘Bite Down’ is a new direction for both of the bands and the fact that they have braved new territory together holding hands is exceptional.

This track adds to Haim’s now long list of collaborations which so far includes Kid Cudi, Calvin Harris, Lorde and Childish Gambino to name just a few. ‘Bite Down’ further proves how anything Haim turn their hands to can and will come good.

Originally, ‘Bite Down’ to me seemed a little too intensely produced in some areas but it is very much a grower and it’s so damn catchy that I have found myself singing it in all number of places including the bread aisle of Tesco.