The new university year marks a change for the group DMU Fridge Raiders as they change their branding. DMU Fridge Raiders is a group of students and staff members who aim to advise and educate students on healthy living on a budget whilst studying. In the three years since it started, the group has aimed impact the choices that students make in terms of what they eat to ensure that they eat a balanced diet of foods whilst in university. This new brand will place more emphasis on giving students the knowledge to eat healthily.
Last year the group visited halls of residence at the request of students to give advice on eating healthier. This year will see the group providing recipes to students so that they can cook healthy meals and take the knowledge they learn through these recipes into their life after university.
The group is made up of both students and staff with a nutritionist on hand to ensure that students are getting the best information on healthy eating.The team also consists of vegetarians and vegans to educate students on how to get the protein that they need without eating meat.
Everyone who wants to learn healthier ways of eating is welcome to get in contact. The group is friendly and willing to help no matter how small the problem may seem.
December will see the release of three brand new campaigns by Fridge Raiders: Cold Busting Foods, Fit Through Winter: Fridge Raider Fit Plan and Brain Booster Snacks. More information on the campaigns will be released on their social media on the 1st December. Winter is the perfect time to make a healthier change for yourself and with the help and advice from DMU Fridge Raiders along the way, it can be simpler than you think.
We all know that eating healthy is important but it can seem difficult on a student budget so here are a few top tips from DMU Fridge Raiders for staying healthy for less:
  • Never shop while hungry
  • Leave your purse at home and prepare your lunch the night before instead
  • Think ahead and plan your meals for the week
  • Try buying fruit and vegetables from Leicester Market instead of large stores
  • Over cook so you can have leftovers another day
  • Don’t worry if you go wrong, learn from your mistake

Join DMU Fridge Raiders at their next event on 1st December from 5-7pm in the entrance of Kimberlin Library. The team will be handing out free fruit and vegetables to students along with leaflets on how to have a balanced diet.

If you would like to contact DMU Fridge Raiders you can email them at, or message them over Facebook. Make sure to follow them on Twitter and Instagram for even more healthy eating tips.