bodyconWhen you’re single and ready to mingle, going on dates can be quite exciting and fun. However, at the same time it can be very nerve-racking and pretty daunting when it comes to choosing the right outfit! First impressions are everything especially on first dates, therefore wearing inappropriate attire can result to the date being uncomfortable, awkward & embarrassing; so here is a list of 5 things you should try to avoid at all costs when it comes to dating someone new…

Tight / Bodycon Dresses

I know you would want to show off your flattering figure on your date, however, wearing something so tight or figure hugging isn’t ideal simply because you’re most likely going to have a sit down lunch/dinner.  If you’re a food lover like me, that post-meal belly is going to make an appearance which really isn’t cute, thus ending up with you feeling very uncomfortable in that dress. Alternatively, opt for a smart/casual look by wearing a pair of ripped denim skinnies and a cami top, the perfect choice for a first date!

The wrong shoes

Wearing high heels on a date to the cinemas is a bit (well a lot) OTT likewise wearing a pair of converses to a fancy restaurant for dinner, which gives off the impression that you put no effort whatsoever.  So it is important to wear the right shoes for the type of date you’re going to. Ankle boots for a casual & laid back outing and the platform heels for a more formal and intimate date, just make sure your date tells you where they’re taking you first!


Too much makeup

There is nothing worse than being caked up in makeup, as it really isn’t a good look for a first date or in general for that matter. Makeup should be used to simply enhance your features, not turn you into clown so avoid excessive highlighting & contouring. For a daytime look use mascara, go light on the blusher and finish with some translucent powder. For the night, be daring & bold with smokey eye makeup.


Forgetting to Blot!

Rich warm nudes, moody purples & reds are this season’s winter lip looks, however, when applying these lipstick shades, the biggest mistake women do is forgetting to blot! The first thing you do when meeting someone for the first time is to smile; so when you don’t blot, you don’t want to be in that awkward moment when your date is having to decide on whether to tell you that you have lipstick stain on your teeth, which then ends with you feeling super embarrassed throughout the date!



It’s fun to accessorize but what people tend to do is make the mistake of piling all the accessories on at once when on the contrary, less is definitely more. Decide what part you want to bring attention to; if you’re going to wear big hooped earrings avoid wearing an overbearing statement necklace and vice-versa.